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Quality manufacturing is our number one priority at Falmat®. Our Quality Management System meets or exceeds U.S. industry standards, military standards and international requirements. Our commitment to Total Quality Management – utilizing computer-assisted design and streamlined manufacturing – delivers highly reliable cables for the most demanding applications. Falmat’s QMS is certified to AS9100D/ ISO-9001:2015, DNV-GL and maintains compliance with many industry standards.


Winchester Interconnect is committed to ensure customer satisfaction through continuous improvement of the quality management system and performance metrics, while complying with regulatory requirements.


To continually improve:


  • Product
  • Service
  • Customer Satisfaction


  • First Pass Yield
  • On TIme Delivery
  • Continuos Improvement programs


Falmat® is AS9100 and ISO9001 certified, as well as ITAR registered.

DNV-Quality-System-Certification 2021_2

Falmat® is registered by the United States Department of State pursuant to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) under 22 CFR 120 – 130 and the Arms Export Control Act.

To view a list of Falmat® Certifications Click here..
Our quality system meets or exceeds U.S. Industry standards, Military standards and International requirements. Falmat® is committed to Total Quality Management.

Through computer assisted design and our streamlined manufacturing operation, we continually deliver the most reliable cables to our customers.

Falmat® maintains many certifications to meet major defense and commercial customers, as well as many industry standards: ITAR, UL, CSA, NEC, NEMA, IEC, ISO, DNV, Mil-W, Mil-C, NAS.

Falmat’s® Commitment to Quality Extends Worldwide* To request Falmat® to be qualified for your company’s approved vendors list, please e-mail your company’s quality survey form to: or Fax (760) 471-4970 (Attn: Quality Department)

Export Compliance Notice
Falmat® Inc., a manufacturer of custom cable and cable assemblies, is committed to full compliance with all US export control laws and regulations. Falmat®, Inc. has implemented an Export Policy and internal procedures to ensure compliance with all such laws.

Most items appearing in Falmat®, Inc.’s product literature are categorized EAR99. Most EAR99 commercial products will not require a license to be exported. However, depending on the destination, end user, or end use of the item, even an EAR99 item may require a BIS export license. Therefore, when necessary, EAR99, and cable product other than EAR99, requiring Export Administration Regulation ECCN for the export country, Falmat®, Inc. will obtain end user and end use information before agreeing to provide the item.

Before exporting or re-exporting any item manufactured by Falmat®, Inc., your company may require an export license issued by the Bureau of Industry and Security. Your company is prohibited from diverting an item from the original export destination. The product may not be re-exported to an embargoed country or any entity on the Consolidated Screening List. Additionally, the item may not be used in activities related to nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons, or missile delivery systems without obtaining authorization from the US government for the specific end use.

Your company assumes responsibility for following all United States export laws and regulations, and for obtaining any required export or re- export licenses. Falmat®, Inc. cannot provide legal advice. For more information, contact your export attorney or the Bureau of Industry and Security.

Falmat’s® Export Policy
Falmat®, Inc. is in the business of manufacture and sale of bulk cable and cable assemblies. Some of these items are controlled by the International Traffic in Arms regulations (ITAR). Some of these items are controlled by the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). As a global company which operates in the United States, Falmat® is governed by these U.S. export control rules. Read more…

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