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Oceanology International 2017 show in San Diego, CA
Oceanology International 2017 show in San Diego, CA


Jan - Jun 2018:


  • Oceanology International   London, UK
    Exhibiting, Booth #K10, Mar 13-15
  • Plastec West 2018   Anaheim, CA
    Attending only, Feb 6-8, 2018
  • AFCEA West 2018   San Diego, CA
    Attending only, Feb 6-8, 2018
  • Underwater Intervention   New Orleans, LA
    Attending only, Feb 6-8, 2018
  • Water & Wastewater Equipment
    Treatment & Transport Show  Indianapolis, IN

    Attending only, Feb 22-24, 2018
  • Hydrovision Exhibition    Denver, CO
    Attending only, June 27-30, 2017
  • OTC    Houston, TX
    Attending only, May 1-4, 2017
  • SOFIC    Tampa, FL
    Attending only, May 15-18, 2017
  • Ocean Business    Southampton, UK
    Exhibiting, Booth # F7, April 4-6, 2017


Jul - Dec 2017:

  • Hunter Industries Food Packaging Event   San Marcos, CA
    July 15, 2017
  • Falmat is proud to join the fight against hunger in this business park volunteer event hosted by Hunter Industries and led by FFCC Organization to benefit Tanzanian families struggling with famine and drought.
    Learn more about FFCC here!

Charity Golf Tournament

  • 1st Annual Corporal Simon R. Litke Charity Golf Tournament – Camp Pendleton, CA 
    Sept. 12. 2017
  • Falmat is a proud participant in support of our troops suffering with post traumatic stress and Save The Brave, a non-profit organization. To learn more about this organization and how you can join the cause, visit 
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