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Falmat Spring 2018 Employee Appreciation Luncheon

April 19, 2018

Falmat hosted a Spring Appreciation Luncheon to acknowledge a job well done by all employees in an outstanding performance in AS9100, as well as ongoing efforts to contribute to another successful quarter.

Along with recognition to ALL employees for dedication and hard work, stand out performances in the past quarter were acknowledged….

AS9100 Audit Recognition:

Senior Buyer – Ruby Medina

  • Ruby showed an outstanding performance in her FOUR hour long audit without falter.

Maintenance Manager – Matt Boardman

  • Excelled in Preventive Maintenance process and procedures

Production Team- Juan Martinez, Aldo Mena-Chacon, Chau Tran

  • Production operators were interviewed and each one did an excellent job of answering every question, especially those related to Falmat Quality Policy. Great work!!


Acknowledgement of noticeable teamwork, outstanding communication between departments and extra efforts to keep production flowing:

Receiving – Mario Estrada

  • Demonstrates tremendous pride in performing daily duties and presents positive attitude; constantly seeks ways to improve efficiencies within scope of work.

Receiving – Terrrence Markle

  • Demonstrates pride and teamwork by helping others and striving for continuous improvement in Materials Department.

QC Production Supervisor – Hung Nguyen

  • Performs above expectaions, takes pride in work and in our porducts; Hung is quick to resolve issues, address concerns correct errors and evaluate root cause.

Material Handler/Transaction Clerk – Geny Tinoco

  • Demonstrates exceptional accuracy and diligence in transacting all labor entries for Production Team; her extra efforts have increase efficiencies in job closing and costing for month-end financial analysis.

Spooling Supervisor – Jesus Molina

  • Shows exceptional leadership by training and mentoring his team; enabling them to work together, as well as independently; he has a great “Can Do” attitude.

Shipping – Ben Adame

Ben has great dedication, reliability, attention to detail and efficiency. He also has proven to be a great representative for Falmat through customer relations and direct deliveries.

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