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For over a half-century, Winchester Interconnect has been a trusted supplier of custom cables for U.S. Defense contractors and forces as well as International alliance forces for military-grade cable products. Our knowledge of defense-preferred materials, design, military specifications, and DOD test requirements enable us to rapidly design and meet your specific cable and cable assembly applications. We draw upon best practices developed working for Aerospace, Subsea/Marine, Industrial, Robotic and Dynamic working cables to innovate solutions for ruggedized cable applications to meet defense applications.

Winchester Interconnect stocks an extensive inventory of Mil-spec wire, cable, and sleeving products that can be rapidly incorporated into custom military bulk cable or harness needs. Our experienced design team can quickly configure a custom cable specification that meets your specific defense requirements and can be manufactured in just weeks. We have the ability to produce short prototype minimum runs or ramp up to large-scale program production lasting many years.

Winchester Interconnect defense cable design knowledge addresses EMI/RFI shielding, high speed, high-frequency data signals, flame retardancy, low smoke, halogen-free insulation and jacket materials, dynamic and static mechanical stresses, extreme environmental conditions and resistance to NBC/STB, chemical, biological, nuclear, and decontamination agents.


Naval Products
• Shipboard
• Towed Array
• Sonar
• Hydrophone
• Harbor Defense

Ground Support
We manufacture custom cables with Neoprene, polyurethane, TPE or halogen-free jackets with high temperature mil-spec wires and various shielding for ground support defense systems, military vehicles using bulk cable, or harness designs. Winchester Interconnect has extensive experience as a major supplier of C4IR cable harnesses and bulk cable for many defense communication systems in ground forces, Naval and airborne.

Aerostat Tether Cables
Winchester Interconnect delivers custom-designed aerostat tethers to meet the specific requirements of your operating systems. We identify and spec the lightest mechanical, electrical and optical components to yield the highest reliability while fulfilling the demands of your exact application.

Tethered Aerostat Radar System Site Lajas, Puerto Rico.
Photographer: Donna Burton
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