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Winchester Interconnect manufactures and distributes a diverse portfolio of wire and cable solutions for multiple industrial applications. We stock standard industrial cables to meet industry standards such as: UL, CSA, NEC, IEC, MSHA, IEEE, and TIA/EIA. If your requirements exceed standard industry specifications, we offer custom constructions with tougher jacketing, armoring, longer lengths, and shielded power cable, coil cords. If you require a cable with power and data, our design team can custom hybrid build your desired cable, leveraging our decades of experience in diverse industries. Custom designs can be made with halogen-free flame retardant jackets to conform to IEC, IEEE, UL standards or outdoor wet rated TPE, and direct burial HDPE.


Pipe Inspection

Winchester Interconnect is a leading manufacturer of pipeline inspection and crawler robotic cables for subterranean sewer and pipeline applications. We have designed and built cables for leading name brand equipment manufacturers worldwide, for use in the sewer “Pumper Cleaner”, pipe inspection, “No-dig” pipe repair industry.”

Pushrod cable and Crawler Cables, with mini coax video, twisted pair, discrete wire or fiber-optic. We offer rugged constructions incorporating GRP-Glass reinforced epoxy rods, Kevlar or Vectran strength layers and tried and proven low friction jacket materials of Propylene copolymer, HDPE, Hytrel, Polyurethane and Nylons – all engineered and manufactured to Winchester Interconnect’s specific formulations and design features.

Industrial Data Cable

Winchester Interconnect offers standard and custom-designed cable for VFD, PLC’s, Drives, machine networking, sensor devices and robotics. Cable design types, including: Ethernet Cat5E, Ethernet Cat6, Cat 7, RS-485, ControlNet, DeviceNet, Fieldbus, Profibus, IEC 61158. Formats include twisted pairs, star quads, custom coaxial and twin-axial cables to meet industry protocol.

Industrial Power, Control and Instrumentation Cable

300V PLTC, ITC, CM, CMR, CMP CMX, CL2, CL3, CL2R, CL3R, CL2P, CL3P, Thermocouple 600V, Nhex-Flex-TC, TC, TC-ER, TC-ER-HL, MC, MC-HL, Thermocouple, VFD Tray cable Portable Power Cordage 300V SJT, SJO, SVO, SJE, SJEO, 600V SO, SOW, SOOW, SE, SEO, SEOW, W, SC

Specialty Industrial

Winchester Interconnect specializes in designing special cable constructions that meet or exceed industry standards for harsh environments, subsea, mechanical demands. We also develop cables featuring special shielding and electrical values, and offer halogen-free low smoke, flame retardant constructions for Agriculture, Nuclear, Robotics, Video Surveillance, Water Treatment, Sensors and Coil cords.

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