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Winchester Interconnect has a proven record of providing highly-engineered and quality-manufactured cables that deliver extreme reliability and long-term success for Marine and Subsea customers worldwide. For decades, our tried and proven materials and designs have set the global standard in dependability and performance for demanding environmental cable applications.

Marine Cables
Winchester Interconnect Cable products for topside marine facilities, shipboard, pier/dock, Dam and waterways with marine and weather resistant requirements, as well as industry conformance to IEC, DNV, NEC, UL, CSA, NRC, IEEE.

Marine Cable products:
Offshore Halogen-Free Marine
Dam and Waterways
Topside Pier Marine
Xtreme Cables

Winchester Interconnect has created a unique line of underwater
video cables designed for many uses in extreme environments.


Subsea & Oceanographic Cables

Diver Cables Underwater Video, Diver-comm, Xtreme-Green Our brand of Xtreme-Green cable products, as well as our standard diver video cables and communication cables are used by commercial dive contractors worldwide.

ROV Cables
Winchester Interconnect manufactures a large range of ROV tether cables from small inspection hand held vehicles to large work class ROV’s in either neutral buoyant or negative style designs for various applications. We use specifically designed insulations, fiber-optic components, Kevlar, Vectran and specially formulated low density plastics to meet critical dimension controlled cable designs.

Small inspection ROV tethers, for various shallow water inspections, exploration and sampling with cable designs ranging from 2.3mm to 15mm in diameter

Small deep-water fiber tethered ROV’s for exploration with fiber-optic telemetry tether to 2.0mm

Mid-size ROVs of 1-2 meters in length, free swimming NB tethers

Large Work class ROV tethers for free swimming vehicles or as a tethered winch management system

Steel Armored umbilicals for mid to large work class ROv’s, with double or triple armor steel designs up to 120k lbs break strength. Winchester Interconnect‘s common steel umbilical uses an industry standard of “GIPS”, galvanized improved plough steel and offers options of “GEIPS”, extra improved, or specialty alloys for higher corrosion resistance such as SS304, SS316 or Nitronic-50

New XTREME-MARINE® Video cable!   Sub-sea video cables design for deep water to 7km depths. Ruggedized design with full water blocked construction, improved strength member and the Subsea industry preferred choice of Winchester Interconnect‘s “Xtreme-Grade” Polyurethane jackets. Xtreme-MarineTM Video cables are designed with precision coaxial components for use with SD/HD video.

Oceanographic & Bottom laid Monitoring cables

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